Renewable energies

GN scenarios

Erkennungsbild der TN-Szenarien

The GN scenarios were calculated in 2021. We examine different paths for Germany with the goal of becoming greenhouse gas neutral by 2050. Even though the targets have become more ambitious in the meantime, many insights can be gained from comparing the total of 9 scenarios calculated in high resolution. A special feature of this study is the integrated consideration of electricity and gas grids, as well as the full European resolution on the supply side.

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We calculate the renewable energy potentials in this project with our model RenewablePotentialCalculator 2.0 in high temporal and spatial resolution. The documentation and results can be viewed here.

Onshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy

PV (ground-mounted)

PV (roof)


Reports and webinars

The team

Peter Mellwig

Dr. Frank Sensfuß

Head of modelling renewables

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Christoph Kleinschmitt

Dr. Christoph Kleinschmitt

Renewables & meterology

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Nils Rettenmaier

Katja Franke

Renewables & GIS analyses

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Joshua Fragoso-Garcia

Dr. Joshua Fragoso-Garcia

Modelling renewables

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The model

Das Modell

The coverage of energy demand is calculated using the Enertile RenewablePotentialCalculator 2.0 model.

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RenewablePotentialCalculator 2.0

Note: Due to the respective focus of certain scenarios and further methodological developments, different data sets for the renewable energy potentials were generated in the scenarios in some cases. The data sets used are documented here. The superimposed IDs allow unique identification within our model system.

G45 scenarios

Erkennungsbild T45-Szenraien

The calculations for the G45 scenarios have started. With our models, which have been improved once again, we are investigating how Germany can become greenhouse gas neutral by 2045, taking into account current political goals.

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